Okay, not trying to be rude, but the people that work these conventions sound like dicks.

No hugs, no pictures, rushing people along like cattle, not giving a shit that these moo cows (Highway reference, eh? eh?) gave up a chunk of their paychecks to see the people that they adore and idolize.  I mean seriously.  I understand that it’s busy, lots of people, and they have to keep things moving, but show a little tact.  Especially if the person who they are there to see actually WANTS to hugs and take pictures and get to know his/her fans.  I’m SOOOO glad that most of y’all had a great time and I am over the moon for y’alls stories!  I just get irritated when I hear about the staff and their total lack of respect.

I didn’t get to go to Philly Con, but I’m wondering if it’d even be worth going to SDCC if Seb was ever there.  

The staff at Philly con were dicks all around. Not just in the photo ops. It took 3 hours after my op to get my photo and they kept telling me to come back tomorrow. I would have done that if I’d had a pass for the next day. They treated us like crap, but some of the celebs said “fuck that” and did what they wanted.

Hey! This is gonna sound weird, but I was the girl standing next to you in line for the Sebastian Stan autograph! Anyway, I just wanna say I had a great time talking to you. And your son is SO adorable!

from iamthatonewhohatesbacon

Not weird at all! It was nice talking to you too. I met a lot of really awesome people waiting for Sebastian. Made it even more worth it.

And thank you. Sometimes even I can’t stand how cute he is. XD

hey girl! its dana from the photo-op line :) we kinda lost you back there yesterday but your photo turned out really cute!

from danamercury

I’m sorry I lost both of you, but bb!cap was a little cranky and needed momma. :)

Thanks. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

The picture with Sebastian turned out so nice you both look fantastic. Mine turned out horrible I made a bad face haha.

from captainxcevans

Well, of course he looks fantastic. I don’t think he’s capable of not looking fantastic. 

And don’t worry about your face. At least you got to be in the same vicinity as him, right?

Can we talk about how Sebastian Stan is the most perfect human being on the face of the planet? This was my first photo op and it was amazing. The comic con staff kept saying things like, “no hugs” and he was basically like, “screw that, I’ll hug if I want.”

Seeing his face light up when I handed him Mini Coulson to hold was like seeing a kid on Christmas morning.

Sebastian Stan at comic con
Staff: Sebastian no
Sebastian: Sebastian yes

So. Fun day at Wizard World. Will post more pictures later.

Right now, I can’t sleep because my neighbor’s house just burnt down. Awesome.


Stop Asking Actors About Fanfiction 2k14

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This man is perfection.

My son thinks the Duke of Weselton is the funniest thing ever.